About Us


Kaipu attentively dedicates itself to provide Chinese and foreign clients professional and efficient legal services in the areas of domestic and cross-border investment, financing and trade.
Kaipu in the areas such as enterprise management system, litigation and arbitration will continue to play its existing advantage.
Armed with excellent legal teams, upholding the concept of customer-focusing, Kaipu aims to meet clients legal service needs and create value for customers.
Kaipu deeply understands the nature of professional endlessness, gradually achieves the leading position of specializing in legal service, and continuously improves service level, so as to realize its mission, providing legal services with the highest quality.
Kaipu emphasizes team cooperation; most of its lawyers graduated from famous law schools, and some of them have the experience of studying or working overseas and hold licenses from United States of America to practice law. Kaipu lawyers have expertise in different legal services, who, under favorable internal management systems and with close cooperation, mutual support and outstanding diligence, are able to come up with successful and effective solutions to the increasingly complicated international transactions.
Kaipu focuses on management under rule of law and cultivation of unique culture.
Kaipu lawyers won high praise from clients at home and abroad for their outstanding performance.
Kaipu aims to build itself as a top and excellent firm.



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